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Training on sexual and reproductive health rights and child protection with NCTF

Program summary: Organize refresher training in Koyra, Shyamnagar and Keshabpur Upazila with the aim of creating awareness about the protection, leadership, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health rights of children and youth at the local level with the disadvantaged NCTF group. As a result, they will be able to accept the discussions of the previous training in a better way. Objectives of the program: Through this training, NCTF group members of Shyamnagar Upazila, Koyra and Keshabpur Upazial have increased their skills on Sexual and reproductive health rights and child protection.
• NCTF Member has been able to get new information about Child Protection and
• NCTF members have increased in speaking skills.
• Increase the knowledge on Reproductive and Reproductive Health, Elements of
Reproductive Health.
• They understand and got in touch about the importance of Reproductive Health
Education to reduce the Reproductive Health problems.
• They able to identify the adolescence risks, adolescence risk factors, adolescence
risk remedies and getting new information in this regard.
• NCTF members are knew the bad effect of child marriage and its disadvantages,
teenage pregnancy, other negative aspects of child marriage and their roles in society
to preventing child marriage.
• Now, they have a good knowledge and clear understanding on HIV and other STDs.

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