p a r i t t r a n

Theme 6: Good Governance and Peace Building

Background: Parittran is committed to creating justice and peace that protects individual’s human rights, civil liberties as well the employee of the organization. It seeds the tolerance spontaneously from individual to group and gradually to community.  The space for promotion and practice through self-criticism enable the resilient community endure opponents’ provocative behavior and response with calm and re-assessing attitude. Resilience, the positive cycle of endurance and resistance against extremism led conflict and violence develop spontaneously within the community to get rid of this alarming threat. Parittran follows and abide by the eight factors of Participation, Rule of Law, Transparency, Responsiveness, Consensus Oriented, Equity and Inclusiveness, Effectiveness and Efficiency, and Accountability. It maintains properly the system of good governance to achieve its goals. Parittran believes that vertical integration of national policies with local level implementation is key to enable greater impact in building a sustainable and resilient working environment.

Goal: Improve an accountable and transparent governing system in organization.


1.Evidence has built to understand and address drivers of extremism and radicalization.

2.Increased tolerance among the community people, leading to a greater respect for peace and harmony in society.

3.Enhanced access to participation in the political, social and economic sectors for the betterment of live and livelihood of marginalized communities.

4.Enhanced access to services by the poorest and most vulnerable whose voices are now heard in decision-making about the allocation of development resources.


1.Community increased its knowledge about the dangers of violent extremism.

2.Community people build a harmonious society.

3.People get the services from service providing institutions.


Parittran has been implementing various projects and programs related to good governance and peace building aiming to promote peace and good governance in the community specially among the poor and the marginalized dalit people, especially in the southwestern part of Bangladesh. Over the time, Parittran has implemented the following projects and programs related to promoting good governance and peace building.


Parittran has helped to establish a non-communal society aiming to build peace and harmony.

Parittran has helped to establish an interfaith dialogue among the various religious community.

Parittran has helped to ensure access to social safety net programs for dalit communities.

Parittran has helped to increase access to services of marginalized people.

Parittran has created an enabling environment for the provision of services to the dalit community people.

102 LGI representatives have been enabled to provide services to the community.

Parittran has helped to increase the participation of dalit communities in decision making processes like budget pre-meetings.

Parittran has helped to increase community participation (47%) in local development procedures (planning, budgeting and implementation).

Parittran has helped to mobilize local resources of UP (81%) and employ them for local development purpose.