p a r i t t r a n

Theme 5: Gender Equality and Political Empowerment Program

Background: Parittran is fully committed to supporting Sustainable Development Goal and it works in Gender transformative approaches. Parittran is also committed to aligning all its programs in gender transformation.  It considers the impact of gender and social inclusion throughout its life cycle. Parittran embraces the notion of fairness and social justice for all, with a fundamental respect for human and Parittran’s goal, where equality is actualized through a culturally appropriate gendered and social inclusion approach. Parittran work for equality and social inclusion of women, men, youth and adolescent people with focusing Dalit, Adibashi (indigenous) and Excluded people in society and lead their own journey towards gender equality and social inclusion. It creates opportunities for individuals to actively challenge gender norms, promote positions of social and political influence for women in communities, and address power inequities between persons of different genders. 


1.To reduce or avoid, the potential losses from hazards, assure prompt and appropriate assistance to victims of disaster, and achieve rapid and effective recovery.

2.To build a resilient society able to cope with the adverse effects of climate change.


3.Enhanced disaster risk reduction through community-based approach.

4.Enhanced adaptive capacity to build a resilient society.


3.Communities increased their knowledge on disaster risk reduction.

4.Communities increased their knowledge on adaptive options to build a resilient society.


From its very beginning, Parittran has been implementing many projects related to climate change and adaptation, disaster risk reduction through applying various awareness, livelihood, adaptation and coping mechanisms. In the southwest of Bangladesh, Parittran has implemented the following projects and program to uplift dalit and non-dalit people alike:


  • Parittran’ advocacy and lobby has secured climate budget for the adversely affected community;
  • Parittran has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with government agencies to ensure a just distribution of financial resources for climate affected areas and people;
  • Parittran has formed 475 volunteers who are now playing a positive role as change agents;
  • Parittran’s advocacy and lobby has increased budget allocation to LGI for local projects on climate change and adaptation;
  • Parittran has helped increase the knowledge of communities on disaster risk reduction and management;
  • Parittran has helped introduce adaptive agricultural options for affected communities;
  • Parittran has established a child friendly space where1600children have been made knowledgeable on disaster risk reduction, Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), protection, early marriage and so on.