p a r i t t r a n

Theme 4: Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihood Program

Background: To generate and entree to livelihood opportunities of the people with disabilities to lead a dignified and quality life, Parittran drives for effective engagement in social safety-net & livelihood scheme for them. Parittran operated 4 batches Livestock training where total participation were 90- and 10-days house wiring training at Keshabpur Upazila under Jashore District. Candle production and tailoring training alike at Tala, Satkhira. Parittran is also providing automobile, vocational, mobile mechanic, training to youngsters to UNICEF Bangladesh. It also refers them to Department of Women and Children Affairs for skill development training. Parittran expects that by its livelihood schemes community people will be empowered, enabling to have access to services and to establishing their rights. Parittran enhance skills and capacities of Dalit, Indigenous and Marginalize people for sustainable and decent livelihoods.

Goal: Reducing ultimate poverty as well as generating decent employment opportunity and making linkage highly low-income households into a viable means. 


1.Enhanced income at household level to lead a dignified life through sustainable livelihood.

2.Ensured decent life by sustainable livelihoods leading to economic stability.


1.Increased livelihood options through income generating activities.

2.Increased job placement for the community.


Parittran previous work has implemented the following activities:


  1. 200 dalit women have secured their daily livelihood through decent job placement like tailoring and so on.
  2. 12 households have undertaken income generating activities like pig rearing thus securing their livelihood.
  3. With Parittran’s help, 12 handicraft shops were established on the principle of fair price of products in the access to markets.
  4. Parittran developed a shoe production training center where a total of 102 people has managed to enhance their daily income.
  5. Parittran established and continuously supervises a total of 53credit groups where 1060 people put their savings and receives loans for their activities. Among