p a r i t t r a n

Theme 2: Children and Youth Leadership Program

Background: Parittran began working in south-west area in Bangladesh in 1993.  We observed through its activities and program and got experience that still 28.8% excluded student are out of enrolment (source: ISS), 68% dropped out for poor economic, 26% face obstacle getting admission, 30% face negligence from classmate, staff and others, 18% in child labor and 22% not having three meals a day (source: IDSN). Parittran is determined to protect and improve the children’s rights, Leadership, abuse and maltreatment, neglect, exploitation and violence as well as preventing harm to children’s health or development.

Parittran is committed to stand by the Youth and making leadership, professional, and entrepreneurial skills that will empower them to have high impact in public, private, and civil sectors. We build leadership skills in youth through the diverse backgrounds by instilling values of empathy, tolerance, and inclusiveness in them. Parittran provides a platform for young people to develop skills required to practice leadership and participate in the country’s development process. Through this process we aim to strengthen prosperity, justice, and inclusiveness in the society as well as our aim is of empowering young people to act on behalf of issues they care about deeply. Our target is to reach 20 thousand excluded children and youth in our working area within the year of 2030.

Goal: To build connections among the excluded children and youth, equip them with leadership skills, increased knowledge and create entrepreneurial opportunities, thereby enabling them to be involved in formal and non-formal sectors.


1.Child and youth enjoy a healthy life, nutrition-related behaviors and lead society by involving in various social and developmental activities;

2.Youth & children have protected from any form of violation.

3.Ensured a platform for young people to practice leadership in development process.


1.Increased knowledge on SRHR;

2.Basic services (i.e. Health, education, water & sanitation) are ensured.

3.Issue based advocacy initiated with government, employers and other duty bearers for policy influence.

4.Enhanced leadership skills among youths.

5.Youths are linked with job market and income opportunities.

6.Developed skill on professional management.

7.Youths received vocational training on different potential entrepreneurship.

8.Enhanced participation of child and youth in social development activities;

9.Increased volunteer attitude among children and youth.  


From its inception, Parittran has been implementing various projects and programs related to child and youth development aiming particularly to the realization and protection of their rights and improve leadership.


Increased inclusive education for the dalit child and the provision for quality education;

A total of 1570 adolescent girls have got relief from early marriage and are leading a meaningful life;

A change in the negative attitude and mind setup among dalit community people towards newborn daughters;

A total of 326 youth received higher education in various university of Bangladesh;

560 youth have secured a decent job and are now leading a dignified life within mainstream society;

Dalit community people practice a sound primary health care, hand washing, have a decent toilet and good hygienic practices;

The establishment of 200 youth platforms with, on average, 25-30 young and energetic youth playing role as agents of change among the dalit communities;

A total of 5,293 dalit youth have become aware about their rights and dignity and have been enabled to lead their respective community forward;

Parittran, in collaboration with the local administration, has declared 4 Unions (under Monirampur Upazila of Jashore district) as early-marriage free unions.