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Report on Consultation Meeting in the title of “Anti-Discrimination Bill-2022; ‘Expectations of Dalit Community’ at Rangpur Division

In collaboration with the development organization HEKS EPER and in organizing the Human Rights Development Organization Parittran and in the implementation of the Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP). The meeting was presided over by Advocate Monilal Das the President of the Rangpur Divisional Committee of Bangladesh Dalit Parishad. Rangpur City Corporation Mayor Md. Mostafizar Rahman was present as the chief guest in the event.

There were present as special guest Advocate Hossein Ara Lutfa Dalit the former Member of Parliament, Joyashree Rani Roy the Chief Revenue Officer of Rangpur City Corporation, Advocate Monir Chowdhury the prominent human rights activist, Fatema Yasmeen Ira

the social activist and Prominent organizer, Alamgir Hossain Sujan a member of BASAD, Dipendranath Ray the member of Democrat Party, Partho Bose the General Secretary of NNMC, Sushanto Bhowmik the acting president of Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad, Swapon Ray the secretary of Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Oikya Parishad and Papon Kumar Sarker the Advocacy Officer of NNMC Foundation.

The law presented through the power point presentation in this meeting Md. Rabiul Islam the Program Coordinator of Parittran. The present speakers reviewed the passages of Anti-Discrimination bill and discussed it. After revision of the Anti-Discrimination Bill of 2022 they gave feedback, suggestion and recommendation. In this consultation meeting participated Rajesh Banshfor the youth leader of Harijon, Chobi Biswas the Dalit women leader, Nitta Rishi and Bhola Das and they also participated in the open discussion of this consultation meeting and gave their valuable speeches for the necessary amendments. The speakers said that instead of the civil ordinance in the amendment, bringing the accused under the punishment under the existing law, complaining to the district, divisional and national committee for trial will create a long process, if the law is passed without the amendment, the hopes of Dalits will not be fulfilled, the speakers also recommend changing the title of the law. Speakers also said the law largely reflected universal law and did not actually refer to discriminated against groups. Besides, the speakers mentioned the various problems of Dalit Harijan community in their speech.

Uzzal Kumar Das the Central Organizing Secretary of Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) presided over the entire program very nicely.

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