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Preparation meeting of Upazila Disaster Management Committee (UDMC) to deal with cyclone ‘Mocha’.

The preparatory meeting held on 10 May 2023 Wednesday Koyra and 11 May 2023 Thursday in Shyamgar Upazila with Disaster Management Committee to deal with Cyclone ‘Mocha’. According to the discussion of the preparatory meeting, there is a possibility of Cyclone Mocha hitting the coastal areas between May 13 and 15. The Upazila Disaster Management Committee has prepared to avoid the possible massive damage of cyclone Mocha. According to the decision of UDMC, as soon as the calamity is forecast, all the NGOs and its volunteers will help to bring the coastal residents to the shelters like, Cyclone Center, School College and other shelters.

At the same time, all staffs and volunteers of Parittran have been instructed to be ready for rescue. All staff and volunteer of Parittran will play their role in the time of cyclone ‘Mocha’ which has been instructed by UDMC to the Parittran.  The Management Committee of Parittran has decided that we will perform our duty there in the coastal area as well as our own area with the heart and soul there is no doubt.

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