p a r i t t r a n


  • Promoting well-being of marginalized and disadvantaged community specially Dalit, Indigenous and Excluded people (children, youth, and women) through a holistic development approach.
  • Strengthening capacity development of the Dalit and Excluded people on rights to live in peaceful society with dignity;
  • Enhancing economic empowerment through ensuring decent work for promotion of sustainable livelihood and food security;
  • Increasing capacity of the targeted people on disaster risk reduction, emergency response, climate change adaptation and disaster resilience;
  • Promoting gender equality, child and youth development and realization of child rights;
  • Promoting diverse income generation opportunities for the targeted people like climate affected community including assistance to value chain for better market access of the producers;
  • Enhancing access to WASH, health and hygiene services and practices for the underprivileged people;
  • Promoting peace and good governance specially access to public services for the targeted community.