p a r i t t r a n

Membership & Networking

Membership with international Network/Bodies/Forums

SLName of the Network/ForumYear of partnershipPositionLink of Newwork/Forum
1IDSN (International Dalit Solidarity Network)2021Memberhttps://idsn.org/about-us/who-we-are/the-global-network/
2SHARE-Net Bangladesh2017Memberhttps://www.share-netbangladesh.org/snbd-members/?mem=parittran
3Girls Not Bride2016Memberhttps://www.girlsnotbrides.es/nuestra-membresia/directorio-de-membresia/parittran/
4End Violence Against Children2016Memberhttps://www.end-violence.org/members/parittran

Membership with National Network/Bodies/Forums

SLName of the Network/ForumYear of partnershipPosition
1SWIFT (South West Information for Transformation).1997Member
2Need Assessment Working Group (NAWG)2021Member
3Child right Advocacy Platform2019Member
4National advocacy Platform2018Member
5Brattyajan Resource Centre (BRC)2021Member
63 ZEROES: Action Network2022Member
7Safe Road and Transport Actions Network (SROTA)2023Member

Network Organized by Parittran as lead

SLName of the Network/ForumShort Description about the forum/NetworkView for Details
1Dalit Solidarity Alliance (DSA)A local NGO networks. More than 15 NGOs in Greater Khulna are the member ofnetworkPDF
2Koyra Shisu Adhikar Surakkha Colition (KSASC) – KhulnaA local Club/CBOs network.  More than 15 organizations of  Koyra upazilas in  Khulna. Working for the protection of women and Children and Health Rights.PDF
3Civil Society Colition (CSO)- Keshabpur – JashoreA local Club/CBOs network.  More than 16 organizations of  Keshabpur upazilas in  Jashore. Working for the protection of Children as well the their rights.PDF
4Sundarban Costal Network (SCN)- Shayamnagar, SatkhiraA local Club/CBOs network.  More than 17 organizations of Shyamnagar  upazilas in Satkhira. Working for the climate affected women and children SRHR and SGVB.PDF

Collaborative and Member with Government Concerning Committee

SLName of the Network/ForumShort Description about the forum/Network
1District Legal Aid Committee (DLAC), SatkhiraWe are the member of Satkhira District Legal Aid Committee.
2Upzill Nari o Shisu Nirjaton Prevention CommitteeWe are the member of this committee.
3National Children’s Task Force (NCTF) at Upazila LevelCollaborative membership with 3 Upazila Strengthen the committee
4Balika Bodhu Noy (BBN)It is an online platform and innovation of Parittran through using this reducing the early marriage and stop drop out.
5District NGO Coordination Committee.Member of Satkhira region
6Upazila NGO Coordination Committee.Member of Tala, Syamnagar, Koyra, Keshabpur
7Skill Development Committee of District Women AffairsMember of Koyra Upazila