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CSO Coordination meeting

The quarterly coordination meeting with representatives of Child Rights Protection Coalition (CSO) was held at Koyra, Keshabpur and Shyamnagar of Parittran Branch Office to enhance cooperation and networking in Upazila level. The present members of the quarterly coordination meeting discussed about the various aspects and the development work   of

Parittran organization and the Y-moves project is funded by the donor partner Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency SIDA and technical assistancehasbeenprovingbyPlanInternationalBangladesh.ThesexualreproductiverightsofyoungpeopleinBangladeshbecomelittlebithigherthanbefore and the ability of civil society as well as the youth organization became moreaccountable for granting sexual and reproductive rights.A very positive impact of thisprojecthasbeenaffectingtobuildingadynamic,andinclusivesocietyandonyoungpeopletoparticipation,protection and sexual reproductivehealth in Bangladesh.


  1. Union Parishad has allocated
  2. A social movement has made budget for the protection of children and youth for thefinancial year 2022-2023.
  3. CSOsarediscussingabouttheSRHRissueintheirorganizationandtheirworkingplanning. by CSOs so that they can ensure the rights of womengirls andtheboys

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