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Bangladesh Dalit Youth Parisahd (BDYP)

Bangladesh Dalit Youth Parishad (BDYP)is a national dalit youth platformworking for the Dalit communities. It was born in 2007, the focus of BDYP platform is exclusively on empowerment of Dalit communities and preparing the young people as an active citizen. This platform is strongly committed to change the social norm and attitude and protect the rights of Dalits youth and adolescents. It is playing a vital role for the young people to preparing young leaders and engaged them in community development activitiesas well as they can lead Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) in future.


Our vision is to making an active citizen in dalit young people in Bangladesh.


Our mission is to empower dalit youth in Bangladesh through leadership building, transforming them into responsible citizens and community advocates.


  1. Dalit young people are developed as leaders and engaged in community level voluntary activities.
  2. Enhance knowledge on climate change and adaptation
  3. Increased professional readiness for young people to develop skills and income-generation activities.  
  4. Increase dalit youth’s skill to influence decision-making processes
  5. Ensure dalit youth’s inclusion in policy formulation;
  6. Enhance knowledge on dignity and human rights;

Major Activates:

  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy
  • Awareness and demonstration
  •  Safe digital space & Education
  • Entrepreneurship and Professional Development