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Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP)

Bangladesh Dalit Parishad (BDP) is a National Dalit Human Rights activists platform was established in 2000. BDP is a movement it moves for the Dalit Community itself to establishment for their equal Rights and dignity with the promotion and protection of social justice, all sort of Human rights and putting an end to caste-based discrimination, untouchability as well as a discrimination free society, which is working in nationally and internationally and about 3,431 individual members are involved in whole Bangladesh.


Our vision is a country free of caste-based discrimination and untouchability.



Our mission is to make an effective National level contribution to the promotion of the human rights and dignity of those affected by caste-based discrimination and to promote effective measures for its elimination.


  • Increase awareness, organized and monitoring against all forms of discrimination against Dalits.
  • In establishing the Dalits’ dignity, create mass awareness among the dalit people.
  • To establish the dalit rights in Bangladesh, working with national and international supportive forces and dalit minded agencies.
  • Ensuring access to the government services and acting the dalit as pressure group.
  • Advocacy to increase the patronage of governments and political parties to establish the political rights and participation of Dalit people in politics.
  • Making the Dalit issues visible and the state to be accountable.


  • Increasing awareness and capacity building
  • Campaigning and Advocacy
  • Legal Intervention. (Human Rights Monitoring, Investigation, Case support.)
  • Creating a Social Movement