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Bangladesh Dalit Nari Parishad (BDNP)

Bangladesh Dalit Nari Parishad (BDNP)

Established in 2003, Bangladesh Dalit Nari Parishad (BDNP) is a Dalit WomenPlanform working for the Dalit Communities in Bangladesh for women and adolescents’ girlsRights to escalate voice for justice andpromote gender quality, human rights and fostering personal, political and economic empower, dignity as well as to protest the domestic violence. It moves for women’s leadership ad representation in local communities with sufficient critical mass to social norms, development policy ad program in favor of women and girls. 


Building an equal society for Dalit women and girls by eliminating all forms of discrimination with equal rights, dignity and security.


To Bring a positive change and ensure human rights for Dalit and disadvantaged women and girls in education, health, economic, human rights and socio-cultural in Dalit community.


  • To establish the human rights, eliminating gender discrimination through the creating of alternative leadership, advocacy and awareness.
  • To build awareness among Dalit Community people.
  • Creating the public awareness against discrimination.
  • To build a strong network and harmonious development in communities.
  • Awareness building among the dalit communities to get health rights and social safety net.


  • Working on Gender equality
  • Women Rights and violation
  • Leadership and women empowerment activities
  • Creating a Social Movement