p a r i t t r a n

At a Glance

Highlight of Services and benefits through Parittran

SLService DetailsQuantity
1Pregnant mothers and adolescents receive health care –32150
2Dalit participants has been linked in the political process.315
3People get various types of government services and facilities (including social safety-net)60125
4Women are economically empowered504
5People have conquered poverty753
6The youth worked as volunteers579
7Dalit, indigenous and Marginalized children have increased opportunities to study20135
8Dalit, indigenous and Marginalized children admitted to primary education21523
9Dalit, indigenous and Marginalized people are represented in government committees459
10Child marriage of girls is prevented20135
11In climate change, income has increased by cultivating the crops9534
12Employment opportunities have been created for the youth519
13In the field of higher education, admission opportunities have been created in Public Universities258
14Legal aid and case support398
15Received 10 ekors of Khash Land285
16Women and men are participated in Local Election39
17Government support for person with disability475
Total 168,186